Tuesday, June 14, 2011

The Family Funnies Book

We have a book that we started when Abi was small - the Family Funnies Book. In it, we record some amusing things that happen or are said by members of the family (namely, but not exclusively, the children). What kind of things? Well, things like:

  • 2 Oct '05 - Abi appears in the doorway of our bedroom, hands on hips with a disapproving look on her face and asks, "Who did this?", referring to the mess she made in her room.

  • April 7, '07 - Driving past a field, Kelly says, "Oh, look - 'moo-cows'." Toby laughs, to which Kelly says, "Oh yeah, I forgot the girls weren't in the car. I don't need to do 'toddler speak'". Toby laughs harder. "No, dear," he replies. "I'm laughing because those are horses."

  • July '08 - Kelly is preparing dinner when Abi walks in wearing a beaver's mask. "Mommy, what can I do to help?", she asks. "I don't know. What can a beaver do to help?", Kelly responds. "Well, I can chuck wood."

  • Oct 23, '10 - Praying with the older girls before bed, and after they had been particularly wild, Toby prayed that God would settle their hearts after being particularly rambunctious. Anna prays, "Dear God, I pray that you would tell me what rambunctious means..."

  • Dec 14, '10 - According to Ellie, one day she will be married, Dan will be married and Noah will be a pirate. Noah was very excited by this idea.

I love this book. The kids love this book. They love the idea that they were little and did and said silly things that cannot remember. They often pull the book out to read to guests (and can't understand the lack of interest). I love it because there is no way I can remember all this stuff on my own, but to have all these funny stories written down brings it all back to me. Plus, it's a much more manageable means of recording childhood (for me, anyway) than scrapbooking or trying to keep up with those tyrannical baby books.

A suggestion - if you don't have one, pick up a cheap hardback book or composition book - maybe cover it, maybe not - and record a few things that spring to mind. Then wrap it up, write a card, and present it to your husband or father for Father's Day. And be prepared to keep adding to it - memories are always the best gifts.


Danielle said...

I love it!!

Briana Almengor said...

that's why I blog. I'd like to publish some of those types of things one day when my kids graduate from high school or college or get married...one of those milestones.