Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Projects that I've been waiting to share for ages

The girls needed pencil cases, as directed by the Daddy - I think he got tired of hearing pencils rain down on the floor. It would seem that it's not actually a school day in the Gayner household without children losing control of errant writing impliments. But I digress...
Thanks to another fabric donation (apparently I run a fabric orphanage), the girls were the happy recipents of bi-colored pouches.
Also, in a fit of experimentation and "I bought the book so I'd better use it"-ness, I now have a gardening apron.

Funky vintage fabric from grandmom, and bias tape. That's pretty much it. It's got lovely large pockets and loops for tools - should make my job out there a little easier (when I actually get around to going out there, that is). It would also make a good all-around craft apron - just don't stab yourself in the leg with scissors pointed the wrong way...

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