Friday, September 17, 2010

Kid logic

So, Noah has this thing for Iron Man. He's got a costume, plus a couple shirts handed down to him, so he's curious this intimidating-looking superhero. He asks, "Who is Iron Man? Is he a bad guy?" (He's also got a different thing about "bad guys".) His sisters assure him that Iron Man's not real, but just a machine. I mention that no, in the story, the Iron Man costume is made by a man named Tony Stark, but it's all make-believe.
At this point, they were surprisingly excited at the idea that this character should have a normal, real name. Then one of them remembers that our mailman's name is Tony. "Wow! Our mailman's Tony and Iron Man is Tony! I think our mailman is Iron Man!!"
Makes sense to me. I mean, how many men could possibly be called Tony and have the second word of their job title be "Man"?


Danielle said...

That's hilarious!

zz said...

That is too funny. And so logical . Makes me think of Paul's brother, Tony, except that:
1) he was a Superman fan and
2) they called him Tony Boy.