Saturday, July 17, 2010

Knitting for Babies

There's been quite a bit of knitting going on recently, as there are a lot of babies being born in the summer/autumn seasons. So here are some of the things I've actually finished, with patterns but without destination details - don't want to spoil any surprises too much!
The Baby Boy 5 Hour Sweater. I made it to be unisex and I'm pretty sure it took longer than 5 hours. Made some changes, noted on my Ravelry page.
Love, love, love this shoes. Doing them in the variegated wool means they kind of match.
Terrible picture, but I couldn't seem to get the light right for a better one. This is based on this pattern, in terms of basic construction, but I omitted the eyelets and I-cord for speed. Notes here.
I'm still finishing Dan's ribbed sweater - it's been sitting around for ages, waiting to be seamed up - and there's a couple other things on the needles. Haven't given up on the tea leaves dream either, but I'm working on patience. I'll get to it, eventually!

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