Sunday, July 18, 2010

As before

So, the only "Anna's sixth birthday" photos we got look like this:
The book is really cool, and being used to identify all sorts of creepy crawlies. She also received a little field scope with which to view all her new creatures. To encourage the budding entomologist in her pursuits, Daddy has taken to bringing home dead bugs from work (though he does take care to only bring home the interesting-looking ones). He's nice that way.
And the exploding Sigg bottle? Here it is:

I gotta tell ya, I'm pretty impressed. I do understand the basics of freezing things and thought I'd left enough of a head in the bottle for expansion, but it appears that I was mistaken.

What makes me laugh, though, is the claim that this type of bottle is supposed to be "indestructible". It figures that it would be me who could destroy the indestructible.

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