Sunday, May 3, 2009

A legacy of creativity

It turns out that I have inherited something from my late grandmother, Virginia. I've inherited the almost compulsive desire to make things. I remember as a kid going into her basement and being overwhelmed at all the ceramics and pottery there. She would paint and fire her own pottery - for years I had a wonderful lamp that she's made for me, Little Bo Peep and the sheep she (eventually) found. I am now the new mistress to her beloved African violets, complete with clever little pots she made herself.

I suspect she also crocheted the runner herself, too

She also seemed to be a wonderful knitter and crocheter. My mother has introduced me to the stash of yarn and needles and hooks she had been hording. Oh. My. Goodness. My grandmom had a small yarn shop in her attic, no joke. Now it's mine. Since there's no way I'll be able to get through all of it in my lifetime, anyone who's in need: please come and see if I have something you'd like first. I have several of almost every size knitting needle and crocheting hook! I'm willing to ship yarn to my dear UK people! Please, help me, I'm drowning in it!

I must confess to being a little sad that I was never able to share these joys with her while she was alive, but I'm thankful to know that we had this in common. This love to create things. It's a legacy I am blessed to have, and am hopeful to pass on.

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Anonymous said...

What wonderful keepsakes you'll be able to have and think about her as you create more things!