Sunday, April 19, 2009

Nap time

Toby and I were enjoying our post-Sunday-lunch nap (while the big girls were playing outside and the little two were asleep) when we became aware of some clinking and scuffling. Cracked an eyelid to see this:

My first born not only brought me a snack, picked me flowers, and straightened my nightstand, but she did the same for Toby as well. Never mind that she picked my beloved peonies that haven't yet bloomed, or that a pile of books she had neatly stacked crashed to the ground and nearly gave us a heart attack. My sweet girl wanted to bless her mommy and daddy for the sheer joy of doing so. What a blessing she is, too.


Anonymous said...

Very sweet!

zz said...

And color coordinated, too. Look at the banana, the oj, the mug and flower behind it. Lovely! What a sweet girl.

terri said...

It is in those moments that we know God is near! Your little sweetie gave you such a special gift.