Tuesday, April 29, 2014

A lovely, golden day

This past Saturday was so special, such a sweet blessing to me...
For more than a month, my phone calendar had "family day special" as an event for Saturday, though I had no idea what that meant, since Toby entered it and was determined to keep things a surprise.
We started the day by heading over to see the start of the annual hot air balloon race - it's a pretty popular event!
Folks line the streets all around the air field to get a glimpse of the action, clutching their venti lattes and sporting bed head (since it starts at 7am). We were a little late smart, so we just drove around to see things from different angles.
Afterwards, we came home for breakfast, did some chores and headed out again. I was intrigued as we headed across the river into Indiana, but said nothing - I actually like being surprised and didn't want to spoil it! As we neared our destination, Toby passed me a little card with kind words of thanks for keeping up with things this year and some spending money...to spend at a fiber festival!! Be still my heart...
It was so fun. There was plenty of stuff to look at - I could barely get the girls away from the looms - though not too big, which would have been overwhelming. After I'd taken a tour around, we went outside for a picnic...
...tried on some felted hats and had some faces painted...
  ...and made some purchases! There were several spinning wheels around, but as they're in the hundreds of dollars and we face an impending move, I didn't think that now would be the time to start an expensive, new hobby. A drop spindle, however, has been on my list for a long time, is of minimal expense and very portable. This new hobby I could make room for! I bought some beautiful roving to go along with it - I have no idea what I'll knit with it, but knit it I shall.

And how's this for a bonus - seeing a time machine on the way home! 
 Some intrepid soul made a bunch of people's day that afternoon - we were totally geeking out over an actual De Lorean from Back to the Future!

I couldn't make out if they had a proper flux capacitor inside the dash, but they still get full marks for the externals!
 All in all, a good day, indeed.

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