Monday, March 10, 2014

What a week!

It's been a full one, that's for sure, with plenty of chaos thrown in for good measure...
We were doing plenty of birthday prep early in the week, gathering the gifts and cards that had been arriving through the post. Inspiration for Dan's birthday cake struck on Tuesday night - boys like dirt. Hence, dirt cake, complete with worms...
Abi got her creative juices flowing and had to make herself a new pencil pouch, so out came the sewing machine and everything. Needing only a little help installing the zipper, she did a wonderful job, and I am so proud.
The main drama occurred on Saturday, when after a full day at the library and zoo, the kids and I stopped to order some burgers before heading home. Just as I was about to place my order at the drive through, I was interrupted by the unmistakable sound of Ellie, "tossing her cookies". It must have been rather amusing to any onlookers - this large, white van sits at the drive through, suddenly veers off into a parking space and a bunch of appalled children quickly spill out of the car, while the only adult in attendance looks rather frenzied and does a lot of head shaking. They must have thought, "I'll bet someone got sick in that car!". They would have been correct.
Ellie was fine by the day's end, by the way - we put it down to that helpful catch-all of kid illnesses, the "sour belly". And respect to Huggies wipes - they did a fabulous job of cleaning up the mess, since they were all I had. They've got a loyal customer here, that's for sure.

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