Monday, December 2, 2013

Kentucy Science Center

We had a free morning on Saturday, so we decided to make the most of some free passes to the Kentucky Science Center. It was good fun!
 A Gayner family top-tip: Whenever we go out together for the day, I take a "security" photo when we arrive. That way, if I lose anyone (and that hasn't happened yet!), I have an up-to-date photo of what they look like and what they are wearing. Clever, right?
 I think most places like this have the "kid in a bubble" display, but it never really gets old. Not for this crew, anyway. Everyone had a turn, though I don't think the bubble got higher than their knees.
 They had a great KidZone area, complete with "Baby Crater". There was also the obligatory wet area, which was, of course, a big hit. I think everyone's favorite, though, was watching a demonstration called the "Bubble Explosion", which involved throwing soapy water into liquid nitrogen. Who isn't going to get excited at the words "bubble" and "explosion" used together in a sentence? It was pretty cool!
They also had an interesting display of vintage hats. The hats were interesting on their own, but more interesting was the placement of the display - clearly they have a "eclectic" section, because the hats were in a room that also featured a mummy and her history, and a couple of polar bears. Why not, right?

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Meghan Nealon said...

The security photo idea is BRILLIANT. I want to have kids just to use this idea! :)