Friday, October 4, 2013

Knowing His Name

On Sunday, we sung a song that was fairly new to me, The Gospel Was Promised. It's speaks of how the coming of Jesus was foretold in Old Testament, and what His coming accomplished for us.
As I sang with Caleb in my arms, I whispered the words in his ear:
His name is Jesus,
His name is Jesus,
His name is Jesus Christ, our Lord.
 More than anything else I want for my children - more than success or happiness or their dreams come true - I want them to know Jesus. I want them to love Him, to cherish Him, to follow Him. As their mom, it's my job, my responsibility, and my privilege to tell them. To tell them who Jesus is, to tell them what He's done for me and what He's done for them. I need to tell them about Jesus when all's well with the world, and I need to tell them about Him when nothing is going right and the world seems against them. I need to tell my 11-year old that He loves her and can help her through her every trial, and I need to tell my 1-year old about this name which is worth more than any riches.
So, maybe it's a little silly, singing this song into my baby's ear. But I'll do whatever it takes to make sure my kids know and love this name. Because it's all about Him.

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