Monday, September 30, 2013


I am now a 36 year old. Riveting.
My birthday on Friday was a nice, low key kind of day. The kids were moderately disappointed, though not really surprised, to find that Teacher's birthday does not equate to a day off. I never claimed to be the fun parent.
We did establish a cut off time for schoolwork, though, and then headed out for pizza for dinner. A fun little place called BoomBozz, with great pizza and a waiter that will never "turn pro". Afterward, we did some exploring. We headed out to one of the local malls to see what was there. After driving all around the St Matthews Mall to find the main entrance, we settled for entering through Forever 21 (it was either that or Victoria's Secret. ahem). I think Toby held his breath the whole way through the store - we're not exactly department store, and this was not exactly a department store...still. I think it's safe to say that we are no longer "forever 21".
They did have some other good stores - I was excited to see a J.Jill and Godiva chocolate. :) I'm looking forward to going back another time, preferably without children that play in the fountains.
On Saturday Abigail spent some time in the kitchen, baking some delicious key lime cupcakes that made up my birthday cake. She did it all herself, from beginning to end. I was very grateful - she did a great job, I got a birthday cake that I didn't bake myself, and I'm seeing more and more independence in the kitchen, which is really exciting. If only there was as much enthusiasm to clean up after the mess...
36 used to seem terribly old to me. Now, of course, I still feel like a girl playing at being grown up. Never mind that I have 6 children, one of whom is now a "tween" - I'm still feel like a kid. Except when I wake up at 6am. Then I feel like I'm every inch of 36...
One thing that hasn't changed is seeing God's kindness and faithfulness to me over each of my 36 years. It's God's grace that brought me to the Gospel, kindness that enabled me to meet my husband, and faithfulness that has carried me through 2 countries, 4 houses, and 6 children. It's this grace, kindness and faithfulness that will continue to meet the needs of the year ahead and, Lord willing, the next 36, wherever they may take me.

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Danielle said...

Key lime cupcakes, lucky girl! Happy birthday!