Friday, June 14, 2013

Summer School 2013

We've now wrapped up much of our normal school year. Math will take some time to finish and there are grades to be calculated, but overall, we're done.

That said, we've learned through experience that several weeks of unstructured time really isn't good for us. We need a break, but we also need some guidelines.

So, for the past few summers, our family has observed a lighter, alternative form of school for the summer.

A "Summer School", if you will.

This year, I've been aware of the need to work more on their memory skills - times tables, verses, etc. - so we are going to spend a little time each morning working on some of those things. There is also some reading to do that we didn't get to in the year, plus the dreaded math to continue with, which will happen in the afternoon.

The plan (as it currently stands) is to observe something called Circle Time:
  • We will work on memory verses, using Desiring God's Fighter Verses app
  • We'll then move to working on catechism questions using this book. I've printed out almost 150 questions and answers for us to look at each morning. We may not get through them all, and if not, that's okay. Likewise, this isn't our first time with this book, so the first few chapters should be review for the older kids.
  • Read alouds had begun to fall by the wayside, so we'll pick that up during this time - a mix of both picture books for the littles and more involved chapter books for the big'uns.
  • We'll finish by working on math facts (for Noah) and times tables memorization for the big girls. We'll do oral review, timed drills, games on my phone and Kindle.
Overall, I'm thinking this should take about an hour. That's all - an hour after chores and the rest of the morning is theirs. Then another 30 or so minutes in the afternoon. If this little experiment is a success, I may make Circle Time part of our year round homeschool schedule.

That's the plan. Plans are, obviously, apt to change - if we're ready to hit the beach for the day, no way am I taking the math books along! But I am excited to give it a try and see how it serves us.

What are your plans for your kids this summer?

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