Wednesday, April 24, 2013

A fine family tradition

All families have traditions. Usually they have to do with how they spend the holidays or where they go on vacation. Not us, though - we like to crank things up a notch. Our tradition is...chin stitches. A couple summers ago, Anna was the first to split her chin, with Abi catching up the very next Saturday. It'd been a little while since that injury, so I suppose we were due - I'm honestly surprised it had taken that long...

This time, it was some rough play between the boys in the bathtub that resulted in a charming little flesh wound. It wasn't bleeding terribly, but in an awkward spot, so it was off to Patient First:
 The thickly-accented Russian doctor (who I believe also treated Anna) hooked Dan up with 5 little stitches, and Dan was good to go. Little guy went through the whole thing with nary a peep.
He was pretty good about the whole thing, though the following day he seemed to be doing everything in his power to earn himself some more stitches: jumping off things, jumping into things, falling off things, getting trapped between things...I'm happy to report, however, that Dan's stitches are now out and he is back in action.
Though the children seem to be doing their best to earn a few scars and war stories, it'll take a little more than that to beat my record. I continue to be the current reigning Stitches Champion, holding steady at more than 36 stitches (not including any delivery-related stitches). Long may it continue, children - you don't need to win this one.

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