Monday, April 22, 2013

A "Chair Lift"

I can't call it a "face lift", since chairs don't have faces (do they?), but it's not actually a chair lift in the strictest sense. Whatever, you get the idea - I redecorated my sewing chair!
Using this site as a jumping off point (I had this pinned for ages!), I found some upholstery fabric in my closet (actually, our curtains from our house in Birmingham), stretched a piece over the seat and stapled underneath without removing the old cover. Then, I unscrewed the back, stretched and staple down the fabric again. On the back, however, there's a gap between what the fabric and where the screws go in. I cut one more square and covered the gap under where the screws fasten by using some spray adhesive on both the chair and the fabric. Worked like a charm. Reattach back to chair and we were back in business. 
In keeping with my "near-instant gratification" requirements for almost all crafts, this little project took about 20 minutes, mainly because I was looking for the right screwdriver.
And in less than one episode of Little Einsteins, my work room is a little more "me". Which make me happy.

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Zoanna said...

Such a happy print, too! I am toying with my chair options. Maybe I'll pick your brain. My favorite chair is the huge black leather office chair we have, but it doesn't look re-coverable. I have thought of downsizing to a smaller swivel chair like yours. 20 mins is about how fast I like my crafts done, too!Good job.