Tuesday, January 8, 2013

The Command Center, phase 1

Remember way back when I mentioned I was thinking about a command center? Well, Toby and I went over and over the idea, trying one idea, then another. We looked at corner units and high and low cupboards. In the end, we couldn't decide on something that worked well, so we decided to put the project on hold. Which is, of course, when inspiration struck.
We picked up this dresser at a yard sale a couple of summers ago, and it's served several purposes during it's tenure here. It was in our guest room for a long while, then it was by the front door, holding hats, gloves, etc.
Checking in with The Nester one day, I read the phrase "Shop the house." I love that idea. Not much different from re purposing or "make do and mend", but I think I was particularly struck by the idea of shopping for free. So, as I walk through the house to see what might work, at least temporarily, in the command-center spot I had picked out, I must have walked past this dresser about 5 times before I began to consider it's worthiness.
Upon evaluation, it's got everything I need: high surface to avoid little fingers? Check. Plenty of storage space? Check. Just the right height and depth? Check. Currently, it ain't purtty - I have grand painting plans. But for now, I'm happy.
We're also in the process of looking for a wall-mounted filing system, kind of like this:
Photo by Ihearorganizing
For now, though, it's working. The hats and gloves are still in there, which is fine, not to mention all the office-y type things like tape and scissors, and there's even a drawer for our letter writing material. Good stuff.
Shopping the house - who knew?

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