Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Make do and mend

So, I saw this idea on Pinterest (where else?) for lengthening pants for kids, and was totally struck by the idea that it would also do very well for replacing worn out and holey knees. I had to put the idea to the test.
Noah was happy to oblige me with some very ragged jeans. I simply cut a bit above and below the holes, roughly 3 inches. I had some old jeans that Toby'd worn out and used that as replacement fabric. Cut enough to go all the way around and sew the short ends together to form a tube. Put it all together with some top stitching, and you're golden.
It was most gratifying to find that the plan worked and they fit, but even better is when the boy opts to wear his "mama-fixed" trousers instead of another pair that's in better shape. Sweet.
If I get around to doing this for the girls - I think they have some jeans I can experiment on - I would probably use some cute, girly-type fabric. I didn't think Noah would really appreciate anything that smacked of "cutesy", so denim is usually a safe bet. It matches so well with, um, denim.
Take a few minutes to root through your kids' trouser collection and see what you've got to work with. It doesn't take long and might save you some of your clothing budget. Which means you can spend it on jewelry instead.

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