Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Multitude Mondays, a day late

I have been deliberately quiet in the blog-o-sphere last week, as I wanted to enjoy this break from the norm as much as possible. It does mean, however, that catching up can take a while...
So thankful for:
  • finding out on Christmas Eve that we are expecting a new little Gayner (watch out world!)
  • finishing all Christmas gifts in time
  • a lovely family walk
  • going to church on Christmas morning
  • even though we had a water leak, it wasn't messy or overly horrible
  • even though I burnt part of our Christmas ham, it was still salvageable and edible
  • even though our water problems meant we couldn't go visit some of our favorite people, we enjoyed spending time together at home:
  • Toby and I saw Sherlock Holmes and had Chick Fil A for dinner (a real treat!)
  • we received a free pull-out couch for our study, and helpful neighbors helped to move it in
  • we received free bunk beds to replace the boys' worn out ones
  • we took the kids to the Walter's Art Museum
  • we spent time organizing our study
  • we went out to breakfast
  • we spent time with my parents and the "Christmas, Round 2" they brought with them!
  • I went shopping with my mom - and found men's pants for $4! I still can't quite get over that one...
  • Her Majesty kindly refunded us money we hadn't known she borrowed - always a nice surprise!
  • In all the joys and blessings of our holiday, I am so thankful that He came - our Emmanuel came to be with us, with me.


Danielle said...

What did you think of Sherlock Holmes? Thinking of taking Josh for his b-day in a few weeks.

And yay for the Walters. I've been thinking about taking the kids myself. The boys are a good age for the CHamber of Wonders and the Knight's Hall.

Leanne said...

So sorry you didn't get to go see those favorite people (we miss them too!)...but glad you got the water leak fixed!