Wednesday, November 14, 2012

The Lurgy Invades

So, it began with a stuffy nose...
Caleb came down stuffed up last week. The next day it was a cough.
I was due to go on my church's Ladies' Retreat, but it shouldn't be too bad. For a two-month-old, he coped manfully - better than some men I know (except for my husband, who is the best patient ever.)! We get home on Sunday, and by Monday he's doing much better, which is good, as this allows me to focus on the next batch of sickies...
By today, Ellie and Dan have coughs, runny/stuffy noses and coughs. I have a stuffy nose. It kind of feels like living in an illness thriller, wondering whose going to come down with the "dreaded disease" next...
We're working hard to keep the healthy staying that way and ease the sick. For us that means:
  • lots of rest and fluids
  • some cartoons on YouTube and the only the basics of schoolwork
  • vitamins and cough meds and fever-reducers
  • steam inhalation - steamy showers, humidifiers (when they work, grr), hooded head of a bowl of hot water
  • washing hands & cups - a lot - and wiping doorknobs, taps and lightswitches
  • 1/4 tsp of cinnamon mixed with a tsp honey for sore throats and a preventative measure
  • 1tsp each of honey, lemon juice and brandy to ease nighttime coughs
  • Vicks on the soles of the feet and covered with socks to help those nighttime coughs, as well
  • this homemade remedy as an all-around helper (just don't forget the water like I did!)
Any other helpful suggestions to kick the dreaded lurgy on it's way?

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