Monday, August 6, 2012

So, in the getting ready for baby Caleb to arrive, I noticed that some of the burp cloths/muslins we already have are beginning to look a little...well...ratty. Holes, frayed edges, stains. You know, used by five other children before.
It just so happened that I have a scrap basket that's kind of overflowing, and a Pinterest board with lots of cute ideas, so I introduced the two:
 I basically sketched a rough hourglass shape, cut out a top material, a backing material and something somewhat absorbent for in the middle (quilt batting or t-shirt material) and used my serger to put all the layers together. It was pretty easy, but I did learn that my serger doesn't cope well with deep curves - it would often miss sewing the narrow curve because I tried to turn it too sharply. It worked much better when I made the curve more gentle and long.
You know what I mean, right? Sure, clear as mud...
Anyway, the babe now has a collection of at least a half dozen of these stylish burp cloths, and he'll probably get some more as I go through my scrap basket (or if he goes through the cloths faster than I can wash them...). It's also great for my pregnancy brain and limited time to have such a simple and quickly-completable project to pick up at time allows. Suits where I'm at so very well.

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