Wednesday, July 4, 2012

We have a guest

A little over a week ago, we welcomed at temporary guest to stay with us. Fred has been a very pleasant guest to have in our home, making no mess, being very easy to get along with, need very little attention and being overall a rather fascinating fellow. Oh, and Fred's a ball python.

Fred's family is enjoying a wonderful cross-country road trip, and it's been so nice looking after him while they're gone. The kids all love him and are keen to keep his tank misted, and even Toby (the least snake-interested of the lot of us) finds him utterly fascinating.
Fred eats only once a week, and Friday was the day. The kids had been eagerly anticipating it, and Tobes wanted to witness the event before he left for work, so we woke them up this morning with the rally cry, "It's Feed Fred Friday!" That got them moving.
Once the frozen mouse (otherwise known as "breakfast") was thawed, Fred was removed from his home, placed in his feeding container, and provided his meal. Being a constrictor, it didn't take long before he coiled around it and got down to the business of getting it in his belly. I thought it was going to be pretty gross, but actually, like most of what Fred does, was just downright fascinating.
We get to enjoy Fred for another week before his family returns to claim him. After that, I fully expect to be petitioned to get a snake of our own, and perhaps some other caged critters (Abi has been interested in getting a mouse for years). And I gotta say, it won't take much to convince me - Fred has been an ideal pet: he doesn't shed, bark, get underfoot, or leap up at guests. He's been pretty easy to care for, not very expensive, and it's much easier to have someone look after your contained pet when vacations roll around. Any thoughts (like how we must be nuts)?
Does anyone else have some weird and wonderful pet experiences to share?

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