Friday, June 29, 2012

In which you cast a vote

So, after all the baby and kid knitting I've been doing, I'd like to work on a larger project - namely, one for me. With a baby due to be born in time for autumn, I'm thinking I'd like to do a new cardigan, one that buttons at the top but not the bottom, that would work well for a few months of winter nursing. However, I'm having decision-making problems (I'll put it down to pregnancy brain and leave it at that), and I'd like your help! Cast your vote for my next project, won't you?

First, we have the Rocky Coast Cardigan. By far the most ambitious project on my list, it's also one of the prettiest.

Anything with the word Effortless in the name has to be good. Not sure if this style would suit me, though - any thoughts?
 Coraline is another nice, subtle yet interestingly-yoked cardi.
 Peasy has been on my list for a while and I love the lace work across the front.
 Audrey in Unst is pretty and simple. I'd have the flexibility to button all the way or only the top, but I think I'd need to lengthen the body a bit - the cropped look doesn't tend to suit me.

 Honey. Love the cables - not too little, not too much.
 Finally, it's Celery. I really like the texture of knitting one direction, then knitting the other way for the edge.
Personal favorites, please, with reasons why for bonus points!


Briana Almengor said...

I think I would like to see a longer one on you. You have some shorter ones already, right?

Kelly said...

The two that I've already made tend to hit me around hip height. You don't think a longer one would make me look shorter?

Danielle said...

No, I think longer actually elongates you. I like the first one.

purpleemma said...

I like 'Honey', useful shape/buttons etc and a lovely yoke.

C xx