Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Large Family Logistics

Well, I have now finished my first book of 2012. Large Family Logistics by Kim Brenneman took about 2-3 days to read, but to be fair, I did a bit of skimming at certain parts.
Overall, a good, helpful book - useful keeping the homemaking and keeping vision fresh as well as giving some great hints and tips on keeping the home running well. After reading through the kitchen section, I'll be giving my kitchen a good look over soon to determine if there are ways that I could be better organizing the way it all works. One area of particular interest, and one that many homemaking books neglect, is how to keep up through pregnancy and infancy. Wisdom says there are some essentials that need to be maintained: laundry and bathrooms being among them. Grace says not to worry about the dusting and other non-essentials - you'll catch up when you're feeling up to it. The point she repeatedly makes is to make a plan of how to keep up with things and practice self-discipline to do it. Some of the suggestions she makes and methods her family use wouldn't really work for this house, but that's okay - the point is to think through the needs and determine how you and your family will meet them.
I'd definitely recommend it to anyone who's looking to reorganize or establish some order in their home, or to anyone who's family size is growing and they are looking for a new way to operate. And when I'm done feeling nauseous, I'll be casting my eye over a few areas that could use improvement. For now, it's the essentials only for me! 

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