Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Warming Wee Ones

First, a sweater for a gorgeous little girl with a lovely name - Emma Kate.

The pattern was very straightforward, once I actually read the directions clearly. On my first try, I didn't do the increases correctly and ended up with something way too big.

The Plymouth Baby Bunny yarn is wonderfully soft, and washable. Overall, perfect for wee babes.

And because I've been wanting to make this vest for a long time, I felt it needed just the right yarn to make it worth the while. It was worth the wait...

The wool was Cascade Lana Bambu, and so wonderful to work with. I still have another half a skein to work with (amazing - a wearable baby garment that only needs half a skein!), and I can't wait to find another pattern worthy of it.

And did I mention that I loved the pattern? Fun, clear and quick - all needful qualities in my knitting projects. Now I just need to find a baby to put it on, quick!

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