Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Oil on your face is good?

I first read about the method of cleaning your face with oil at, and was intrigued. I had already had a try at going shampoo-free a learned an interesting fact about myself - I like lather in my hair, so back to the shampoo I went. How would I feel about oil on my skin?

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As it happens, I rather like it.  My skin can best be described as combination, and in the few months that I've been at this new skin care regime, the dry parts aren't dry and the oily parts aren't oily. I apply the oil in the evening as I get ready for bed, do the teeth-brushing and pajama wearing, and wipe it off with a hot, wet cloth. A splash of cold water in the morning and I'm done. No more moisturizers and toners and cleansers. Once a week or so I use an exfoliator, and that's it.
I won't reinvent the wheel by telling you how it's all done, since Tsh does such a good job of that here. I will tell you it's cheaper, simpler and generally all around better for the skin.
What's your simple, helpful or just lovely beauty recommendation?


Danielle said...

I'd wondered about this, but never tried it. I know I couldn't do the hair thing! ;)

Steve Z. said...

Do you smell like olive oil in bed?

I couldn't do w/o shampoo. Love me some lather!

Steve Z. said...

Ooops! This is Zo above. Didn't realize I was signed in under STeve. HOpe that comment didn't creep you out. LOL

Kelly said...

Don't smell like olive oil in bed (I wipe it off), and I did think it a bit odd that Steve might be interested enough to comment...;)