Friday, September 2, 2011


 Inspired by a trip to the Harford County Fair a couple months ago, I made a quilt.

Using left over scraps, I sewed three layers of raw edges, backed with baby fleece, criss-crossed it together and bound with some polka-dot cotton. I really like the way all the colors came together. Girly, but not frouffy.
It was an experiment and has it's share of mistakes, but I'm happy with the result. More than likely, it will be making it's way to some little girl at Birthright Pregnancy Center. Hopefully, it'll meet a need for a new mama and her girl.

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Zoanna said...

Kelly, it's beautiful. Really is. I love the colors and patterns you chose to put together--and what a good home it's going to. YOu've once again inspired me.