Monday, August 22, 2011

Multitude Mondays

I found this quote at the weekend, and everything in me simply resounded with "yes!":

"Five good children are an immense luxury, and to deny one's self other luxuries in order to raise them is not self-denial at all, but merely an intelligent choice of investment."
--Edward Sandford Martin, The Luxury of Children (1904)

My five children are a luxury - one that many will neither enjoy or understand. So, with that in mind...

the hands that wave goodbye * the lips that give messy kisses * the crooked-toothed smile * girls whispering in bed * when the big ones help the little ones * graham-cracker breath * ticklish legs * the white-blond hair * the badly-cut hair * a little voice sounding out words * a young voice reading the Word * many fingers making music on the piano * knowing that my house may be messy, but my harvest will be great * knowing we are each fearfully and wonderfully made * knowing that they are not a burden/a trial/a punishment, but a reward from a God who gives only good

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