Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Have you seen these?

Classical Kids CDs - an intro into classical music that is so fun! Each CD tells a story about the composer set to his own music. They can be expensive to buy as a set, but that's what birthdays and libraries are for! This link will take you to my favorite to date - Handel.

MilkShare - for those nursing mothers who have an abundant supply, you can now share your milk directly with a family who needs it. For the moms that are struggling with supply or other nursing issues and don't want formula, you can get the good stuff direct from another nursing mom.

The cough is moving around our house at the moment, which means the kids are getting the Vicks' Treatment: smear Vicks' Vapor Rub on the soles of their feet and cover with socks. Do this as they head to bed and I'm tellin' ya, they sleep much better. This doesn't seem to work for adults, I've found. For men, they seem to need the Man Cold Treatment. Women...well, we just take a Sudafed and get on with things, don't we?

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