Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Belated Multitudes

My cup has been so full of blessings that my cup has run over, which is why they are a few days late!
  • Noah's turned 5!
  • 14 years married!
  • a day at Six Flags Great Adventure
  • weather that kept away the crowds but didn't shut down the rides
  • wonderful time with grandparents
  • a safe trip home, in spite of some serious rain
  • moms who want to teach their girls life skills in a God-honoring way
  • girls who want to learn!
  • tomatoes finally turning red
  • kids catching a katydid
  • the overflowing toilet that didn't leak into the room below (which has happened before!) 
  • the evening's peace and quiet in which to listen to Sunday's message
  • the faithfulness of God, which is wholly unlike my own

1 comment:

Briana Almengor said...

Yeah...what's up w/ our tomatoes taking forever to turn green this year? lack of rain maybe?
glad you're finally getting some red ones. Us,

Congrats on 14 years!!!