Monday, May 23, 2011

Mighty Acts of God

Here is the lovely book that led us through our homeschool Bible time this past year:

Mighty Acts of God has been such a wonderful tool for our family. Each day we'd read the passage (this might take a couple of days if it's covering several chapters), then the chapter in the book. I say chapter, but it's only 2 or 3 pages per chapter! At the end of each chapter are questions that really helped our discussion time go from "Any questions?" to something rather meaningful.

There were several times when I was either stunned or moved or both by how clearly and helpfully some difficult concepts were explained. Of course, the true test of a good "school" book is if the kids will read it outside of school - and they did!

Add in a memory verse each week, and Bible time it sorted. Obviously, though, this would serve very well to help lead through family devotions or even for a curious kid to read through on his or her own.

I hereby recommend it! So do these people...

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Danielle said...

This has been on my Amazon wishlist since you told me about it some time ago!