Thursday, April 14, 2011

For the feet

Abigail has the most amazing ability to wear out her socks in record time, due in part because she wears them to skate across our wood floors. She saw a pattern for a cute pair of slippers here and begged me to make them.

Not a lot of fabric or time is required, just some leftover scrap material of choice and felt. I could have put another layer of sturdy material in, but elected not to - I didn't actually want them to feel to stiff.

I added in the elastic strap to keep the slipper secure - they are sized for women and so a little on the large side, and the elastic is just the thing keeping them steady.

After some test runs, skating around the house and a couple of tumbles (apparently, they are very good for skating), I used some puff paint on the sole to increase safety and decrease the need for a hospital trip. I don't think I could face a doctor with, "She broke her arm skating in some homemade slippers". There are times when I am happy to be something of a killjoy.