Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Take Them a Meal

Shortly before Daniel was born, we heard about this website, What a nifty thing!
Take Them a Meal is basically an online meal organizing tool. Someone just had a new baby or coming home from the hospital? Wanna take them food but don't want 12 casseroles to show up on the same day? No problem - once you sign in, you invite anyone you think would like to be involved in making and taking food. They decide what available days they would like deliver the food and fill in their details (name, number and what they'd like to bring). The system will then email the meal-deliverer on their delivery day to remind them, and email the meal receiver, so that they know who's bringing them what food and when.
The lovely Marie set one up for us (thanks again, Marie!) when Dan was born. I had 2 weeks of meals delivered hot and delicious. We even had the facility to say what time we'd like to eat and if there were any allergies or food preferences. When we signed up to take a meal to someone else, it was a major help knowing what others were bringing, so there were no duplicate meals.
The website even has some suggested recipes and other little hints and tips to make life easier.
It really is a cool little tool. If you get the opportunity to check it out, I highly recommend it.
If anyone else has used it, what is your verdict?


Danielle said...

Sooo funny! The gal who started that website, Adina, went to my old church and her family and husband's family are long time friends of ours. I just found out about the site a bit ago from her MIL.

Kelly said...

Well, say thanks to her for me!

Adina said...

Hi Kelly and Danielle,

How fun to see your post and your comments! Thanks so much, Kelly, for your kinds words about this site.

We made to help a friend and now we love seeing that it is helping others as well.

If you ever have any questions as you are using the site, feel free to contact me by phone or e-mail (


Libby said...

I passed that along to Daryl, because we had used it in our new church. ABSOLUTELY love it. I love that you can see what others are making, so no one gets too much cheesy chicken casserole ;-)