Monday, August 23, 2010

Baby knitter

That's me, I'm a baby knitter. I knit for babies, that is. There have been so many new babies being born or about to be, I've been pretty busy.
I made this one for Daniel recently, though he'll not be wearing it for a while, given the heat (oh, the heat!). It had better fit him when it's cool enough to wear, that's all I gotta say.
Pattern and yarn info is on my Ravelry page.

Here's another sweater of the same pattern, but smaller. For a newbie. Hope mommy and daddy like it!
I can't remember if I posted this before, but we have another boy sweater (details here). This one is for the very sweet Isaac Henry, who's presence in the Wilson is very much appreciated.
I'm almost finished seaming another pair of these booties, which are looking really cute.
I'm now working on these for Dan. I got a good couple inches into it before realizing that he would be rather too big for them by the time they were finished, so I ripped it all out to start again with a larger needle. We'll see how that progresses...
I still need to put together my Salina, and I'm still dreaming of the Tea Leaves. Is it wrong to hope for yarn money for my birthday?

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Mandie said...

The sweaters look great! I've been knitting booties, booties, booties. Is it wrong to hope for a break in the baby boom so I can knit something for myself? :) There's the February Ladies Sweater that I keep getting distracted from and also a few things on that I really like. So many things to knit, so little time...