Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Word of the Day

Oc-to-poop (v/n): What happens when your sweet infant son doesn't poop for a day, then makes up for it by filling his diaper with such a vast, soupy mess that upon being changed, manages to get it on all flailing limbs, much like an octopus. As a verb, usually accompanied by screeching, harpie-like sound emitted by parental figure and resulting in bath and protracted clean up. As a noun, could be considered akin to the octopus' method of self-defense.
Say it with me.


zz said...

YOu're hilarious! Octopoop is the PERFECT word for what you're describing, both as a noun and as a verb. I would guess, though, that it feels and smells and looks like an action verb for quite a while before you can think of it is a just a noun. OR is it a linking verb--linking your nose and skin and hair and clothes and other next-of-kin with it?

Kelly said...

It definitely linked itself to my shirt, that's for sure.

Mrs A. said...

Still laughing Kelly but couldn't he have waited till Grandma got there!!!!
Mums Sis

Libby said...

hahahahaha. Isabel's infant poops (almost daily) now have a name. I owe it all to you.