Saturday, March 13, 2010

The Story

No gory details, I promise.
So I went to bed late Friday night (5 March), surprisingly peaceful about not having had the baby yet. I know that sounds kind of lame to all those who have gone rather overdue, but the other 4 children all either came on their due date or a couple days early - all except Anna, who came 2 days late. So I've gotten to be kind of a wimp about it all. But this time, it was okay - Daniel would arrive in the Lord's perfect timing, and I was feeling pretty okay with that.
1am. Waking up feeling uncomfortable. Was that a contraction? I think so, but I'd been having them off and on for a couple of days. Uh-oh, I think my water broke...yup.
Now I am fully awake. Can't eat or drink once I'm at the hospital, but my labors tend to take so long, I'll be needing a snack before we leave. For the next hour, I'm wandering around the house, eating, drinking, and generally sorting out last minute stuff.
By 2.30am, I want to have a shower - I hadn't done that when Ellie was born and really regretted it. So, I make Toby a cup of tea, explain that I'm going to grab a shower before we need to leave for the hospital, and leave him to process the information while I get ready. He's so good - by this time, he knows he doesn't need to rush or worry, but is still ready when it's time to set off.
By 3am, after a call to the doctor and a call to the Rishels (who pulled the short straw for nighttime child duty), we were on our way.
When I arrived, they put me at 4 cm. Because every contraction was in the small of my back (i.e. back labor, i.e. exhaustingly excruciating), I went for the epidural as soon as they could get it to me. Have I mentioned how wonderful epidurals are? Wanna kiss the soul who came up with it...
When I could happily feel nothing but a vague tingle in my toes, Toby took a nap on the pull out bed and I in my "havin' a baby" bed. We happily passed a couple hours like this: dozing, enjoying an ice chip or two, knitting a row or two, dozing some more.
Right after the epidural took effect, the doctor announced that I was now 5 cm along. Cool. A few hours later, a little after 8am, I was still 5 cm. Disappointing, but not surprising. So, pitocin (the hormone that makes the contractions more productive) got involved, and that's when things got exciting. It wasn't long before I was hitting the epidural button a bit more often - not that the contractions actually hurt, but I was becoming more aware of them.
Around 9.15am or so, I started noticing this pressure, like something was "happening". The kind doctor had a quick look and said, "Oh, that would be because the head is there. Let's have this baby, now, shall we?" Honest to goodness, I thought he was teasing. I kept looking from him to Toby to the nurse, saying, "Really? Really??" Two good pushes later, and I got the first look at my new son, and even got to cut his cord - a first for me.
I so feel like I cheated. No drama, no concerns with infection, no cord wrapped around anything - just a peaceful, straightforward, quick 8 hour delivery (my fastest yet). I can honestly say that every one of my labors has been a wonderfully positive experience, even when things haven't gone to plan. What a blessing, though, that everything did go to plan, and God made the whole thing easy - just because He can.
I am one thankful mama!


Danielle said...

Sounds peaceful and enjoyable, as far as labors go! Looking forward to meeting him today!

Kathy said...

Who delivered Daniel? "He" doesn't describe Dr. Kaplan.

Kelly said...

Kathy, that would be your own Dr Lenowitz. Good doctor, funny guy.

Kjirstin C said...

That's fabulous Kelly!! I'm glad everything went so well for you. He's a beautiful boy!

Kathy said...

Actually, Lenowitz was not my doc. I had Dr. Thompson and was especially partial to him. Rebecca used Lenowitz, though, and absolutely loved him.

I had such a hard time being happy with my doctors out here in Ohio after being with Thompson for four babies. Still, I suppose they should be able to get a baby out... we could probably handle it ourselves (though I would NEVER want to do that!!).

Kelly said...

Kathy, if Toby could do an epidural, I would sooo totally stay home! I only go to the hospital for the drugs... :)

Briana Almengor said...

I am glad for you that things went well. Kinda makes me want to press my "luck" one more time to see if there's any possibility for me to have that kind of labor/delivery. When I start talking about it, my hubby threatens to pull out Bella' NICU pictures and then I shut up for a little spell again...until the next good birth story gets circulated or woman in my circle gets pregant. :)