Tuesday, March 30, 2010

My Baby

The Amazing Danielle did an fantastic job for this photo shoot. Patient, so patient, she was. It's such a pleasure to watch someone work when they so clearly love what they do - she would quietly giggle when Dan did soemthing cute and murmur to herself over getting just the right angle.

She's so good, in fact, that she even got a shot of me that I like!
If anyone wants a print, let us know.


Danielle said...

Aw, kinda funny hearing you describe me while doing the session, ha ha! It was a pleasure just to hang out with you and your little guy!

Liz said...

The most beautiful pictures. And thank you Kelly, I am honoured. You know why! Talented photographer, and lovely mummy!

Kelly said...

Liz, what can I say - both Daniel and I love the blanket! I think the colors came out so beautifully as well, really doing your handiwork justice.

Karen said...

i love your wee man as well as well as the rest of your wild gang!