Monday, February 8, 2010

Mission Accomplished!

Well, Abigail's Libby cardigan is complete! I'm so pleased with it, though not as much as Abi herself!

Finally finished putting it together last night so that she could try it on before bed. It's definitely on the big side, but it is sized for a 10-12 year old. That just means she's going to get plenty of wear out of it!

Now, it's on to the Salina for me!


Pop said...

Great work Kell, does it come in bigger sizes - MUCH BIGGER?

Karen said...

beautiful! I am impressed especially since i can't quite get my head wrapped around legwarmers as of yet! ha!

Kelly said...

Dad - not so much. You in the market??
Karen - the learning is in the doing. Don't give up! (as if you would)