Tuesday, December 22, 2009

A Christmas Preview

I think it's close enough to the big day that I can show off a few of the gifts without concern that the kids will spoil the surprise.

The first thing is not actually handmade, but was assembled at home. That would be the
kitchen, from Mum & Peter. It's so cool, really sturdy, and weighing in at almost 90lbs, should stand up to whatever abuse they're liable to throw at it. Thanks so much, Mum & Peter - they are going to be so jazzed about it! Toby suggested making some oven mitts to go with it, which I will probably get to soon.
A big thanks to Erik, too, who helped Toby put it up last night - so that I didn't have to!
Next is a little something for Noah - he's so into carrying his tool box around that Toby decided the boy needed a toolbelt. How could I fail to oblige? Found the pattern in this book, and with just a minor tweek here and there, my boy is as handy as they come. And I'm sorry, but I think the mattress ticking fabric is beyond cute.
Finally, that which I must confess to being most excited about. A month or so ago, Toby and I were looking through a slew of kid catalogues together, trying to get some idea of gifts for the kids, and we saw this:

I also saw the price tag, and thought, "Surely, I can make that for a lot less." Then Toby said aloud, "Surely, you can make that for a lot less." So, the challenge was given and received. And I think what I made might even be cooler. (Toot, toot on my own horn)

Half a dozen pockets for all sorts of things, and three embroidered velcro signs: Post, Shop & Cafe. This is my first real go at embroidery, people! How exciting! And though it's probably not the best part, but pretty high up there, is that everything (so far) was free! All scrap fabric from my stash - the only thing that needs buying is the tension rod to hang it with.

So now the kids can sell stuff, dine out or post letters. Looking forward to Christmas morning!


Danielle said...

Goodness, girl, are you ever talented! Love it all! The kitchen is adorable!!

But, you've got to post the pictures better so I can see them!

Carolyn said...

Thanks for the knitting advice Kelly! May well give it a go....

How are you going to get Toby away from the toys?

zo said...

Very cute all around. How do hide the projects from the older ones and make time for all of it? Love the store thingy. Joel would be so into that, little merchant that he is. And I bet Noah will sleep with his toolbelt on.

The kitchen looks amazing. Hours and hours of fun in there!

Can you use the medium or large size option next time so we can see more close-up detail? I want to see the embroidery.