Thursday, November 12, 2009

I *Heart* Yogurt Pots

I am a loser. I know. What else would explain such a lame title? But it's true. I've come to think of yogurt pots as one of the most versatile pieces of rubbish-fodder in our home. Their uses are legion, for example:
  • Measuring cups - the cheap, store's own brand are about a one cup size, and they live merrily in my flour, sugar, rice, etc. tins.
  • Bath toys - poke holes in them or leave them whole, the kids can't get enough of them. And if they get gross, throw them out.
  • Painting pots
  • Tea bag bins - not the most aesthetically pleasing, but it does the job and it all goes into the bin.
  • Baby stacking toys - different sizes work better for this, but Ellie still had a ball with them during the girls' school work the other day.
  • Playing telephone - yes, my kids still do this.
  • Beach/sandpit toys - put a bunch of little ones inside one or two big ones, and you've got castles and turrets, and no one cares if you lose a few. Any leftover sand stays inside, if you're clever enough to keep the lid.

I know there are more ideas and I know some of you have them. Please share with the class. After all, I'm now loathe to throw them away and Toby's getting concerned that they're starting to breed.

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zz said...

Oh, yes, Toby's concern is merited. Yogurt cups DO breed. In fact, they have obviously become their own "subculture" in your house.

Love your creative uses, esp the measuring one. They also make great planters for seed starter. Poke holes for drainage, label them with Sharpie, plop soil and seed, replace them in their carrier (if you get them at Aldi) and voila! Instant starter garden.