Monday, October 5, 2009

A New Baby and a Good Friend

The day after my birthday, Arthur James Schofield entered the world. We are very glad to welcome him, and as a congrats to the new Mom and Dad, we'll be sending off a couple of things to make their lives as new parents a bit easier.

First, a soft and snuggly nursing cover. Lovely and warm for those Chicago winds!

Next, a baby blanket. For obvious reasons.
And finally, Chocolate Hobnobs. If you don't know what these are, get thyself to the British foods section of your local supermarket. They are essential for nourishment following the birth of a new person. Truly.

Now, Danielle has not made anyone new lately, but there are a couple of boys that she 'prepared earlier' (very efficiently). I've been wanting to make her one of the Amy Butler bags for a while now, but struggled to find just the right fabric. Until now.
I think she likes it. Goes well with her hair (and I wondered why she didn't like pink...)

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Danielle said...

I adore it! Thank you soooo much!