Sunday, September 13, 2009

Last Week and Tomorrow

Well, last week was our first week of school. It's been good to get back into a familiar routine, even though it carries it's own set of challenges.
Abigail's now in 2nd grade and Anna's in 1st, though one could argue that "grades" in homeschool are fairly redundant. I prefer to think of them as "flexible".
It's been fun, this week, to see them get back into the swing of sitting down with their books, learning new things and reviewing familiar ideas. I love being the one who sees them understanding the concepts and grasping hold of new ideas. And teaching a child to read? It's like a special brand of magic.
Tomorrow is Abigail's birthday - amazing. She can't really be 7 already, and yet she will be exactly that. In fact, at this moment 7 years ago, I was sitting in my living room, contracting away and waiting for the ambulance to take me to Birmingham Women's Hospital. Ah, the memories...
As for me, I've turned the "blech" corner and feeling pretty good. However, it'll be a quiet week around here, since Toby will be away for a few days for work training. It'll be my opportunity to eat junky food he doesn't like and watch sappy movies he doesn't enjoy. We shall celebrate his return, however, by a trip to DC to celebrate the Big Girl's big day.
I wonder what exciting experiences and wonderful memories will be had in her 7th year...?

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Carolyn said...

All sounds great. Well done for feeling better - long may it last! Have a great time in DC and lots of good wishes to the birthday girl!
Carolyn xx