Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Mmm, Mmm, Good

First, Abigail's dress - turned out really nice, in spite of a little whoopsy. Still at the rate she grows, it'll be Anna's dress by summer's end. I foresee several more on the horizon, once my machine starts behaving itself again.

Second, d-o-n-u-t-s. Yummy.

I had a craving (as I do) for donuts, and didn't want to spend a fortune at Dunkin Donuts. So I found this rather helpful little sight, and found donut-making to be right up my alley. In fact, it's such a cute little site, I think I shall be going back there again...

They come highly recommended.

1 comment:

zo said...

You are more than welcome to borrow my machine again. It's just sitting there in its Mary Poppins-style carpet bag.

A girl after my own heart, I couldn't get enough donuts when I was preggers. Jelly donuts, to be exact, from Dunkins. Sadly the craving lingered long after my children were born...weaned...graduated from high school. I couldn't stand the smell of greast so I doubt I could've made my own, but good for you, girl!