Tuesday, August 25, 2009

A Confession

Who has seen North and South? BBC's mini-series based on Elizabeth Gaskell's novel has become my preferred viewing at the moment.

The confession part is this: I have a crush on John Thornton. Not the actor, Richard Armitage, mind, just the character of Mr. Thornton. Oh, swoon. I've now watched the final installment several times, and I still start welling up at his broken-heartedness at her return to London, and again at their encounter at the train station. His brow finally un-furrows and I get blubbery. Anyone else have this problem?

For those who haven't seen it, my romanticizing is probably not helpful, especially since I'm really bad at sharing what the film is actually about. Well, go and see it yourself, and then you'll know. And then you'll be less likely to call me a sap.


Anonymous said...

uh, yeah! You know I LOVE that movie! Now, have you seen Gaskell's "Wives & Daughters"? If not, that next on your list! ;)

sarah haliwell said...

Hi, I'm a new visitor to your weblog but I had to leave a comment because I'm amazed by this coincidence - I got North & South this week and have been utterly enchanted! I love that final episode, I've watched it three times in two days! I love the vulnerability and hidden sweetness of John.