Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Reading Material

You may notice that I am still reading. You may also notice that I have neglected to comment on recently finished books. Apologies - kind of got out of the habit...

Briefly, then:

Girl Talk - A helpful, biblical appraisal and celebration of a mother's opportunity and obi ligation to speak into her daughter's life and train her in righteousness. As a mother, it's convicting and preparative for the phase of my girls' lives when our relationship changes from cop to coach. As a daughter, it was a little harder to related to, but by no means inapplicable. I'm sure I have much to learn from my mom!
Spurgeon - If ever there has been an individual who has expended his all for the glory of God, it's Charles Haddon Spurgeon. Reading this book has been getting to know him, and finishing it has been like losing a friend. Can't wait to meet him...
The Gospel Primer - I used this for a devotional for a while, and it was a great blessing in reminding me the preach the gospel to myself everyday, and just the impact that the gospel has on every area of life. I think it'll be one that I come back to regularly.
Worldliness - More than just a "How to flirt with fun in the world and still call yourself a Christian without committing some gross sin", Worldliness has been, for me, something of a manual for how to enjoy the beauties and blessings in this world without being seduced by it's corruption. Music is God's gift - would He be glorified by what I listen to and how much? It's a joy to dress beautifully, but do my clothes honor God and bless others, or cause them to stumble? Rather than providing a list of rules to follow (the legalist in me would like that), this book shows you how to examine your own heart and allow the Holy Spirit to reveal areas where you need to enjoy the Giver more, and not just the gift.
Currently reading Desiring God and Christy. Enjoying both immensely!

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