Wednesday, June 17, 2009

A Mini-Kitchen

My kids used to have a plastic play kitchen that served them well for years. That is, until Noah was old enough to play with it - that is, take it apart. So once it reached the point of irrepairability, we needed to come up with something new. I would love to get the kids a nice wooden one, but that's a bit out of the budget at the moment. So here's my idea:
Something that is inexpensive, doesn't take up too much room, and that the kids can put away when they're finished. In short, something I made. Like this:

Made with an assortment of scraps, including some yo-yos I made a while back.

Mustn't forget the sparkly buttons!

If anyone else is in the market for one, let me know - I've got plenty of scraps!


zz said...

Pardon my ignorance, but is this a picture of a 2-burner stove and 2 knobs? Regardless, very creative and looks almost Noah-proof.

Kelly said...

2-burner stove with knobs - confirmed