Friday, May 29, 2009

I Hate Crafts

I do. Truly. I know, I do several "craft-y" things myself, particularly knitting and sewing, but they don't seem like "crafts" to me. I'm thinking about the kid's painting, cutting, gluing, glitter, "making"-type crafts. You know, the ones that involve:
  1. a huge mess
  2. loads of materials
  3. several perfectionist children who all want help doing their thing all at the same time
  4. a huge mess
  5. an inordinate amount of time
  6. massive amounts of room to dry/harden/store said crafts
  7. a huge mess that I have to clean up

Problem: my kids love crafts. Excuse me, they LOVE crafts. They don't care much what kind, as long as there is some kind of "making" involved. So, I've been looking for crafts that they like and that I can cope with without committing some gross sin against the Lord. So, top three Kelly-style crafts for kids:

  1. Paperclip necklaces. We made these yesterday. Took half an hour, no drying or mess, and when I start finding little paperclips scattered about, I'll commandeer them for my own intentions.
  2. Rubbings. Leaves, coins, flowers, almost anything can be rubbed with crayon and paper. Why have I never thought of this before? I mean, Abigail's almost 7! And it can easily feature in our nature studies for school...
  3. Finger print drawings. We've made turkeys, people, chicks, flowers, etc. They like it because it's one of the rare times they are actually allowed to put stuff on their hands, and I like it because the mess is still minimal and we actually use some of the stamping inks I just had to have.

So there you have it. Anyone else have an excellent idea to share? We're all ears!

Oh, and respect to Mum, who spent more than any sane person's fair share of crafting with the girls. They had a ball, and I kept well out of the way (hiding in the sewing room). Thanks, Mum!


Sacha said...

I LOVE crafts!! I make the biggest mess! (i too have to clean them up. ha ha) I love to CUT especially.

I don't have any suggestions, but i love the post

zz said...

This is specifically why I teach art, not crafts. The main underlying difference is that most crafts end up all looking alike and just sit around looking tacky (sorry to offend anyone) and making me feel guilty for thinking it was a huge waste of time to make a tacky thing. Yes, nezt year I will probably do more 3D stuff in art class for the sake of "global art," but I"ll be scouting for things that take less time to clean up that it takes to actually produce a blessed thing.

Carolyn said...

Hi Kelly, A Mum of 4 boys I know used to give her little one a single pot of paint, a single brush and a single piece of paper and let him get on with it. It seemed minimal on the mess front! Also Hama beads are a big hit in our house and you can make them educational by doing symbols, flags, celtic patterns etc
Carolyn x