Monday, April 27, 2009

Where to begin?

There's been a lot going on the past week or so.

First up, The (Un)offical Little House on the Prairie Dress. I don't really know what I was thinking with this one. The pattern is great. Fits perfectly. Highly recommended to any nursing mama. Fabric is cute. Simple. Understated. The two things together? I put it on and wonder Mary and Laura are while I distantly hear Charles calling from the wagon "Caroline!". Not good. So if anyone needs a colonial-period dress, you know who to come to.
Next, the eggs have hatched! Our little mama robin has 2 or 3 little hatchlings that we've been keeping a keen eye on. Not much to see yet but fluff and skin, but they're growing!

Toby's mum and her partner Peter have been with us for about a week now, and have left this morning to go to Florida for a few weeks. We've had a couple of pleasant outings with them, namely to Eden Mill and Longwood Gardens. Both wonderful days out.

A pair of billy goats, these two are

A very impressive tree house, one of three at Longwood. Rest assured, Toby took notes on all three

We should have taken some photos of the Children's Garden, which was awesome. But with all the water, it's probably best we didn't.

Sadly, we received the news that on Saturday morning, my maternal grandmother went home to Jesus. She's been suffering from Alzheimer's and dementia for sometime, and had recently suffered a series of miniature strokes, so it comes as no surprise. My mother was blessed to be with her, holding her hand as she died. Please keep my family in your prayers while we all adjust to the loss of such a beloved woman.

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