Monday, March 23, 2009

Thank you

Big, heart-felt thanks to those who expressed their condolances over Zoe's death on Thursday. I'm surprised (though I really shouldn't be)at the way so many took to heart the death of our pet and shared in our grief, and I can't tell you how blessed my family and I have been through the many kindnesses that have been shown to us. I will say that it was a difficult thing, putting Zoe to sleep, and yet I'm glad that I was able to be there with her and hold her in my arms at the end. It was just the thing I wanted for her - to peacefully fall asleep in the arms of someone who loves her.
It's been odd since - I keep walking into a room, expecting to see her, and she's not there. I think I've taken it the hardest, which is strange - Zoe and I have had our fair share of disagreements over the years (she assuming she can destroy my clothes and all), and I didn't think I'd be so affected. I figured it would be Abigail that would struggle the most - she cried off and on for days before it happened. It would seem, though, that she did her grieving before Zoe died, and now that it's over, she's moved on. My little King David.

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