Friday, March 27, 2009

I can't think of a good title at the moment

Some "non-slouchy" legwarmers for Abi and Anna, since their Christmas ones were "too slouchy".

Miss Snuggle-Pants

Another Wren's nest in our canoe - you'd think these birds had some better options.
Upon downloading pictures from the camera, I came across a few that were rather poorly taken, and I'm sure I didn't do it (I KNOW Toby didn't). Then I realized, we had caught-it-on-film evidence (taken by an older sister, though which one is unclear) of our handsome boy - the Daddy Wannabe - gettin' handy with Daddy's tools. Nice.

When I get a few minutes to call my own, I'll get around to my little book report on When Sinners Say I Do. Promise.

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