Sunday, March 1, 2009


I'm going to Heaven. I've known this since I was fifteen years old. However, I never really understood how good a thing that is, just that it's better than going to Hell. I've readily excused my ignorance on my final destination with trite platitudes like, "I'm sure it'll be wonderful", or "Even if the idea doesn't excite me now, I'll love it when I'm perfect." How dumb. Honestly.
Then I read Randy Alcorn's Heaven. It takes a building-block approach toward answering common questions about Heaven, based on Scripture. From questions like "Will we have bodies?" to "What will we do with eternity?" to "Will I see my pets?", Alcorn takes a careful examining of biblical text to try to answer these and other queries.
What a joy - not only to better understand my "home country", but to realize just how much the Bible has to say on the issue. The best part of this reading has been to understand just how important it is to desire and long for Heaven. It's what we're made for! After all, if we visit another country or even another state, more often than not we buy the Rough Guide and brush up on the local info. Shouldn't we do that and more in preparation for the place where we will spend forever with Jesus (assuming we know Him as Savior)?

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